As the promotion for Certain Women kicks of, Kristen and Laura Dern was interviewed by Yahoo Style to talk about making the film, and also about living in Montana, being educated in L.A. and more.

Yahoo Style: There is such a sense of place in the movie. What was Montana like?
Kristen Stewart: Oh man, I drove up from LA. My character was spending so much time in a car and I just kind of wanted to do that. When it comes to physical beauty in the States, man, it might be the most impressed I’ve ever been.

What did you guys do when you weren’t filming?
KS: I kind of sat in my cabin, on this massive bit of property in the middle of nowhere, around the fire. Kind of Hipsterville in the middle of Montana. You go into the grocery store and you see guys in beards and boots buying almond milk.

Is that important for you, having strong female characters? Or do you get offered things where you’re like ‘oh god, not this again.’
KS: Yeah, there are bad parts for girls. I think I have a good agent, I don’t think he really sends me stuff that I would be like, “What the fuck are you doing? Why am I reading this?”

Do you look at the director first?
KS: I think it’s really important to give newcomers a shot. I need to meet someone. I have to see them; I have to know them. Because honestly, you might not like me. How could you possibly know if you want me to be in your movie if you’ve never met me before. I always find that really weird. Like straight offers to me are just really weird, without a meeting or a reading. I’m like, okay, cool, so what, I get your movie made? You don’t even know me.

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